On this page, it is possible to download the PDF files of the articles presented at WEPIR 2021 and the corresponding slides.

Keynote Talks

  • Professor Hideo Joho, University of Tsukuba, Japan: “Making a difference in user search experience” [Slides]
  • Professor Evangelos Kanoulas, University of Amsterdam: “From sessions to conversations and back again” [Slides]

Papers (Slides)

  • Ghafourian et al. “Information Retrieval Evaluation in Knowledge Acquisition Tasks” [Slides]
  • Shoji et al. “Location-based Reminder for Memorizing What Visitors Learn at a Museum” [Slides]
  • Ueta et al. “Quiz Generation on the Electronic Guide Application for Improving Learning Experience in the Museum” [Slides]


The link to the Proceedings will be published soon.